Personalized learning

Learn Your Way

Students have different learning preferences, and these preferences can differ by course type. When an instructor tailors a teaching method to a student’s unique needs, learning success increases exponentially.

Learning preferences include combinations of:

Kinesthetic Learner


Learning through movement and hands-on touch

Reading-Writing Learner


Reading and Writing 
Learning through processing by hand and memorizing

Auditory Learner


Learning through hearing

Visual Learner


Learning through seeing

Robotics Club - make friends

When students enjoy the learning process, they learn better. Futures Academy teachers use innovative techniques and tools... from the latest apps, to carefully selected digital media, to immersive field trips... to present the coursework in creative and engaging ways.

I like how my classes go at my pace and I'm able to understand the content better.
- Alexa H.

What Type of Learner
Are You?

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