Flexible Scheduling

Optimal Learning Schedules & Plans

Students aren’t alike, neither are their schedules

School isn’t Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm anymore. It might be just Monday and Wednesday or only afternoons. It can be every day too. We don’t hand out schedules; we create them.

We create schedules that align to students’ optimal learning times and leave time for exploring their interests outside of the classroom. You may already understand when you learn best; if not, take our Learning Preference Inventory to find what works best for you.

Because of our flexible schedules, Futures students are encouraged to focus on their interests inside and outside of the classroom. Here are some of the options students can choose from to create a schedule and learning experience that works for them:

When the traditional classroom model isn’t working for students, it’s often due to one of the reasons above. Futures Academy’s innovative teaching model overcomes these learning obstacles and helps students excel again.

You’ve probably never seen a school like this. We tailor learning to your needs in three key ways:


Your Schedule

Your Pacing

Your Interests