Connected Community

Our Connected Community

You're Welcome Here

Our middle and high school students are regular kids who are each remarkable and talented in their own way. Each student brings their personalities and perspectives to our community to make it diverse, fun, interesting, and multi-faceted. Our campus culture is welcoming and our students and staff make sure everyone is known and belongs.

Click on the short video below to hear our students talk about the campuses close-knit community and how it is different from other schools. 

Friendships - school community


The nurturing environment at Futures Academy provides a safe and socially engaging setting so our students make connections and lasting friendships. Students tell us that ‘it’s easier to make friends here’ because they know everyone, and everyone knows them. Unlike larger schools, our students spend time together and don’t just pass by in the hallways.

Hangout with friends

Spending Time Together

We have a special place on campus called the “Hangout” that students can call their own, offering a relaxing, positive atmosphere to socialize with friends, play music, have movie night, and work on group projects.

All Types of Clubs

Futures students choose to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities from school field trips and clubs, to music, art, and volunteering. Every campus has a Student Government Club, and then students vote on additional clubs based on their interests. Some of our clubs include yearbook, gaming, Model UN, art, film and track.

Leadership ASB


Students also have leadership opportunities such as mentoring, the Student Ambassador program, Student Government, National Scholars programs, and campus-coordinated community involvement. We create many opportunities for students to get involved.

I chose this school because of the close community. I like how it is small and I feel more comfortable there. Everyone cares about you and they want you to succeed in life.
- Michael B.