Accelerate and Advance in school

Accelerate and Advance

Academic Rigor and Goal Setting

Futures Academy offers a variety of AP and Honors courses that provide students with the opportunity to challenge him or herself academically. If your home school is not offering the level of rigor appropriate for your student, Futures is the solution.

Enhance your transcript by taking an AP or Honors class with 1:1 instruction. Through this personalized approach, students are challenged to extend their learning and tackle concepts and topics beyond what is typically taught in a traditional advanced class. By partnering with Futures to meet academic goals, students set themselves apart during the college application process and are better prepared to thrive in the higher-education context.

Mortar Board - Graduation

Futures Academy students scored higher than the national average on 9 different advanced placement (AP) exams!

(AP Bio, Calc BC, AP Chem, English Lang & Comp, AP Chinese, AP Spanish, Gov & Politics, US History, World History)

Gifted, accelerated learning

Gifted students wanting accelerated coursework

Futures Academy caters to gifted students desiring more challenging coursework. A gifted student can be defined as one whose intelligence, typically described as an IQ score resulting from one or more tests, is 130 or above. That is, giftedness is a measure of innate ability, not performance. Traditional schools cannot always accommodate individual learning styles due to large classroom sizes. At Futures Academy, we cater to each individual student and customize learning to the student’s ability and pace. That's the one-on-one advantage.

It allows me to speed up my classes. I am doing everything double the pace so I can finish my courses. This is definitely helping me get there faster, which is what I want.
- Asher M.