International program


Futures' personalized premier education model benefits students from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

International students pursuing their education in the United States are encouraged to seek the benefits of our non-traditional program and enroll in a full course of study.

Futures Academy is a certified school by the Department of Homeland Security and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). International students pursuing an F-1 visa and admission to Futures Academy are encouraged to review the admissions requirements and contact a campus to speak with a school representative.


International Students Admissions Requirements Packet

International Student Spotlight

Frequently Asked Questions:

Futures Academy has rolling admissions and can accept international student applications any time during the academic year.

Futures Academy offers English Language Development (ELD) courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. ELD courses focus on reading comprehension, speaking skills, and vocabulary.

Futures Academy accepts international students in grades 6-12.

Yes, since Futures specializes in personalized 1:1 instruction, international students are able to enroll any time during the school year and begin a full course of study.

Students interested in admission to Futures Academy must demonstrate strong abilities in written and spoken English. Students must submit TOEFL test scores as a component of the admissions application and must demonstrate competency of the English language by scoring at least 60+ on the TOEFL exam.

Applicants will also be required to speak comfortably in English with a school representative during their 30-minute admissions interview (in person or via webcam).

Futures Academy partners with select homestay agencies in order to provide students with safe and secure housing options during their enrollment.

For our International Students, tuitions range from $28,000 - $42,000 based on a 4-6 course semester. AP and Honors courses are additional. Call 888.425.7876 for a customized quote.

Financial aid is not available for international students seeking admission to any Futures Academy campus. For more information on tuition and payment requirements please contact 888.425.7876.

Each Futures Academy has its own unique look and feel. While maintaining their individuality, the campuses are very similar in layout and structure. Futures Academies look very similar to large learning centers. Each campus has an inviting open space for students to work in groups or independently and two studies (one quiet and another active). Classrooms surround the open space. Since Futures Academy specializes in a highly personalized premiere 1:1 education, classrooms are set up a little differently than a traditional classroom you might be used to. They each have no more than 3 individual teaching stations.

For more information regarding Futures Academies unique educational program and the admissions process for international students, please call 1.888.425.7876. If you have specific questions regarding the status of your application, email

  1. Submit a Futures Academy Application for Admission.
  2. Complete the student questionnaire. A personal statement will be discussed during your admissions interview.
  3. Submit a signed financial disclosure form.
  4. Submit two teacher recommendations (minimum 1 from a Math teacher/1 from an English teacher).
  5. Recommendations should demonstrate a student’s ability to succeed both academically and socially at Futures Academy.
  6. Submit a photocopy of the prospective applicant’s passport.
  7. Submit TOEFL Scores as proof of a prospective applicant's fluency in English.
  8. Submit official academic records (transcript or school grades/report card).

After all information has been submitted and reviewed, a Futures Academy representative will contact the applicant to schedule an interview. Interviews are conducted either in person or virtually via a webcam within 2 weeks of receiving application materials. All admitted international students are required to attend a new student orientation before beginning classes.

After an international student submits an application for admission, the application is reviewed by a Campus Director. The Campus Director will contact the prospective student within 2 weeks of receiving the application to schedule an interview. Once a decision has been reached, the Campus Director will notify the student/parent/guardian or agency of the acceptance via email. The email will also include paperwork for enrollment and payment. All international students will be required to submit payment of one full semester. After payment has been received and processed, Futures Academy will send I-20 paperwork and admissions documentation by priority mail. Priority mail will generally take 7 business days to arrive.

Futures Academy enrolls students who have diverse interests, talents, and academic abilities. We seek students who are committed to their growth academically, socially, and personally.

A successful Futures Academy student accepts the differences of their peers, exercises their creativity, seeks opportunities to connect with fellow students and teachers, and has a commitment to academic excellence. Futures Academy is a caring environment with an individualized approach. We believe that a diverse community is a healthy community.

Once a student has enrolled and has begun classes at Futures, all tuition is non-refundable. Further information regarding withdrawals can be discussed with a Futures Academy school representative.