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We understand the importance of your child’s education. Finding a school that fits your child’s academic and social needs can make the difference in how much your child enjoys school and learning. We know that traditional classroom models (used in public and private schools) work for many students, but they don’t work well for all learners. If your student needs a better way to learn, we invite you to see why Futures Academy may be a great choice for your child.

Our one-to-one learning model and ability to adjust teaching pace to how your child learns best is proven to improve academic outcomes. Our flexible schedule options often surprise and delight parents and students. Why not go to school when and how it works best for you? Compare us to other private schools and learn what sets us apart.

Semester Class Cost$2,450 - $3,885$ -$ -
Full Time Tuition1$35,900 - $46,620$10,000 - $50,000$ -
No Additional Fees
Student:Teacher Ratio1:115:125:1
Flexible Schedule
AP Courses
# of Sessions22N/AN/A
Guided Study w/tutors2
Content Mastery3
Part-time Program
Online Classes
  1. Based on a 4-6 course semester, 2 semester total (One school year).
  2. Space dedicated to homework and studying with supervision and tutors.
  3. Students do not progress through material without displaying proficiency in the subject matter.

As a parent, the impact of this school has been tremendous... there is less stress and micromanagement of school issues - for both parent and child and the knowledge that my daughter will succeed with the help and support she receives, and have a chance at the future she wants!
- Krista H.