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Summer Enrichment Camps

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With online summer camps at Futures Academy, build skills that support academic growth in all subjects while having fun, connecting with others, and discovering a possible career path!

Enroll in one or more of these 1-week or 2-week camps. If you like what you experience, you can always take it to the next level with a group class for credit.

Game Design Camp

Game Design & Animation

Become a video game designer! Learn what it takes to develop a video game from framework to your own playable game by developing programming and design skills using GameMaker Studio 2.3. This course will introduce the mechanics and concepts behind the most popular video games.

  • Learn the basics of programming, including variables, conditionals, loops, and objects
  • Develop skills including player/enemy movement, collision detection, random and timed events, and visual and sound effects
  • Create the framework of your own video game and what it takes to bring it to life


Forensic Science Camp

Forensics: Criminal Investigation Lab

Join CSI as a Crime Scene Investigator! Learn the skills to solve a realistic crime scene using various forensic science techniques like bloodstain splatter, DNA analysis, fingerprinting, criminal investigative processes and crime scene diagramming.

  • Hear from forensic guest speakers who will share their experiences in solving real crimes
  • Find out how clues and data are recorded and preserved and solve a mock crime scene
  • Follow the forensic process—from pursuing the evidence trail to taking the findings to trial



Digital Photography Camp

Digital Media Arts Studio

Lights, Camera, Action! Geared for students who want to explore careers in television, music recording, and interactive media industries. In this camp, students will learn a broad spectrum of digital media skills including videography, photography, design and editing to create and manipulate graphic creations.

  • Create a portfolio of graphic designs, photographs and videos of artistic expressions
  • Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to become a serious digital artist
  • Improve your understanding of techniques and what it takes to shoot quality portraits, close-ups, action shots, and landscape


Art Camp

Creative Arts Studio

Unleash the artist within you! Whether a beginner or expert, explore and learn various techniques of artistry like painting, drawing, sketches and photography. In this camp, you’ll develop your own technique and artistic expression to bring your imagination to life.

  • Explore developing concepts, composition and execution of your own ideas
  • Learn the principles of art including harmony balance, contrast, proportion, pattern and rhythm
  • Create a full portfolio of your artwork


Social Entrepreneurs

Start Up: Calling all Social Entrepreneurs!

Do you dream about being on “Shark Tank” or the next Jeff Bezos? In this camp, you’ll work in small groups to learn how to integrate social media, business policy, and innovation to develop a product or service that could change lives.

  • Create a business plan based on your top product or services
  • Learn about creating a business designed to support the greater good
  • Explore successful products that are environmentally friendly, support an underserved community, or focus on philanthropic activities


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 Camps start as early as June 7 and continue weekly through August 
 Small group learning  
 Classes taught in-person, online, or in a hybrid format  
 Prevent summer learning loss

Our son wanted to take a summer Robotics course and enjoyed it so much he asked to go full-time in the fall.
- Michele H.