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College Admissions Camps

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With a variety of online College Admissions Camps at Futures Academy, get ahead of the game and start navigating your road to college this summer! Explore college options and the admission process based on your specific needs, areas of interest and unique strengths. Write your college essay and start applications early with live online support from our dedicated college counselors.

Choose one or more online camps to be college ready!

College Planning

Intro to College and Post-Secondary Counseling

Ready to start the college and post-secondary journey? This course is ideal for students who find themselves thinking about life beyond high school, but early in the process.

  • Leave the camp with an idea of post-secondary options
  • Discover a roadmap for next steps in college and post-secondary planning

Ideal for: Freshman & Sophomores


Understanding SAT/ACT Testing

Includes 1 individual session with a counselor. Get a handle on how to best prep for the SAT and ACT and how to better understand the exams, customize your test preparation strategy, and maximize scores.

  • Utilize an assessment tool to predict performance on the ACT and SAT tests in reading and mathematics
  • Receive an individual counseling session to create a roadmap for success beyond the camp

Ideal for: Sophomores & Juniors


College Just Ahead

Extracurriculars and Resume Building

Learn what activities colleges look for. Outside of class time, what have you spent your time doing? Learn why extracurricular activities are important and what colleges look for in review of extracurriculars.

  • Explore ways to get involved both in and outside of school and develop a cumulative resume of activities
  • Get custom recommendations to build a more expansive activity list

Ideal for: Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors


Online College Interview

Crush your College Interview!

Get tips & tricks to stand out! The college interview is a great way to connect with the admissions team and develop an advocate on the other side of the desk.

  • Explore the benefit of an interview, get tips to develop your confidence, and recommended next steps
  • Practice mock interviews with real-time feedback.

Ideal for: Juniors & Seniors


College Admissions

Finding the Right College Fit

Learn how to find the right college for you! With thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, learn how to find a school that’s the best fit by identifying what is most important to you.

  • Learn how to narrow your search and ways to connect with schools to find if they are a good fit.
  • Leave with a preliminary or final list of prospective schools to apply to.

Ideal for: Juniors & Seniors


college bound

Gap Years 101

Discover if taking a gap year is right for you. COVID-19 and nationwide shutdowns have led to an increased interest in gap-year planning. Explore if taking a gap year is right for you and the benefits.

  • Discuss gap year options and develop a plan to connect with gap year programs
  • Build a list of possible gap year programs that are the right fit for life after high school.

Ideal for: Juniors & Seniors


College Essay writing

College Essay Writing Bootcamp

Learn how to create impactful essays! College essays are an excellent way for students to share more about themselves as part of the college application process but creating them can be quite daunting.

  • Learn the “why” behind the essay and personal statement and review sample essays.
  • Brainstorm ideas for your own essay and personal statement.

Ideal for: Seniors


College preparation

 Online camps with college counseling experts 
 Create a personalized college admission plan
 Take advantage of Naviance, enabling self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning & college preparation
 Narrow down choices for a college major
 Review SAT/ACT testing requirements & accessible prep materials
 Develop compelling college personal statements & essays
 Develop your Brag Sheet/Resume to assist Letter of Recommendation writers in crafting the very best recommendation possible 

Futures Academy helped me get into my dream school, UC Irvine. They provided a strong support system and a plethora of valuable information.
- Gia H.