Middle school

Middle School

No getting lost on campus or in class

Middle School (6-8th grade) is a transitional period in every student’s life. Everything is new which can be challenging for students. Futures Academy provides a small, nurturing school environment that makes this adjustment less difficult and pads the rough edges while the 1:1 instruction ensures optimal learning.

Futures Middle School students can choose from a full range of courses to meet their 8th grade promotion requirements. Just like High School, Middle School curriculum is taught using the latest technology, including Chromebooks loaded with eTextbooks and learning apps.

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How It Looks

  • Instruction focused on the student’s skills, interests, needs and rate of progress.
  • Students and teachers work together one-to-one to achieve content mastery and personalized goals.
  • An education that is aligned with 21st century learning.
  • Uniquely qualified instructors always looking out for the student’s best interest.
  • A learning community with plenty of safe social dynamics.
  • Support/Intervention courses now available to be taken in conjunction to core courses.
  • Enrichment also available.
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A Day in the Life

For each subject, students meet one-on-one with their teacher once a week or more per class. After each class, students work in our Guided Study to complete assignments and projects. There are two designated spaces on Futures campuses that students can call their own. “The Hangout” offers a relaxing atmosphere to socialize with friends, watch TV, play music and work on group projects. “The Guided Study” is a comfortable place to finish assignments, study for tests or get help from on-staff tutors. Here, schoolwork doesn't mean homework!

Dougs success story Robotics Course

Doug's Story

Doug is a 7th Grade Middle Schooler with ADD. Monday through Friday, he takes one subject per day at 9AM and stays on campus until 2PM to finish his schoolwork for that day’s class because it’s easier for him to stay focused at school. Doug doesn’t take schoolwork home and if he needs help, he works with a tutor right at Futures.

Our son has taken to the independence that comes with the one-to-one instruction. He has worked to develop better study skills and we don’t have to struggle with homework any more. He makes sure everything is done early in the day.
- Susanne C.

Middle School Catalog

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