CEEB Codes

Futures CEEB Codes

College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) Codes

Futures Academy’s College Entrance Examination Board codes are standardized ID numbers assigned to high schools and mostly used in college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. To verify course listings online for NCAA or UC/CSU approval, visit a site below and enter our CEEB code.

For UC/CSU a-g Approval, click here: UC/CSU

For NCAA Approval, click here: NCAA



Codes by Campus

Anaheim Hills Campus: CEEB 054610

Beverly Hills Campus: CEEB 052040

Carlsbad Campus: CEEB 052247

Cupertino Campus: CEEB 054803

Huntington Beach Campus: CEEB 054744

Manhattan Beach Campus: CEEB 054753

Mission Viejo Campus: CEEB 051966

Newport Beach Campus: CEEB 052281

Pasadena Campus: CEEB 054801

Pleasanton Campus: CEEB 053458

San Diego Campus: CEEB 052828

San Mateo Campus: CEEB 054802

Walnut Creek Campus: CEEB 052032

Westlake Village Campus: CEEB 054904

Woodland Hills Campus: CEEB 054745

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