Futures Academy Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for the right school, we know you have many questions. Our goal is to give you the answers you need so you can make the most educated choice. Here’s a brief list of Futures Academy's most frequently asked questions to help you find quick answers. Please contact us to answer more in-depth questions or better yet, schedule an appointment to visit your local campus. Touring the campus, talking with the Director, staff, instructors and students makes all the difference in helping you make the right decision.

When was Futures Academy founded?
How many students are typically enrolled at Futures Academy?
What kind of students attend Futures Academy?
How can a student succeed by attending only a few days a week?
Why does Futures go by Futures Academy and Futures High School?
Is Futures Academy accredited?
Are Futures Academy courses UC/CSU approved?
Do Futures Academy graduates attend college?
How much does it cost to attend Futures Academy?
What is the difference between Futures Academy and other 1:1 schools?
What is the Futures Academy schedule?
Can students transfer to other high schools?

As a parent, the impact of this school has been tremendous... there is less stress and micromanagement of school issues - for both parent and child and the knowledge that my daughter will succeed with the help and support she receives, and have a chance at the future she wants!
- Krista H.